Couple ‘should be sitting pretty’

SCS  Drakehouse Retail Park
SCS Drakehouse Retail Park
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TWO things are needed to buy furniture, deep pockets – and great wads of patience.

Roy, aged 84, and Winifred Brears, 80, chose a reclining chair and sofa from SCS at Drakehouse costing £1,817.

A big expense perhaps, but worth it for a bit of comfort in their old age. Unfortunately, they are still waiting for delivery more than four months later.

Roy paid a £1,000 deposit on January 9 – the middle of winter – and they are still unable to enjoy newly upholstered luxury in spring, 17 weeks later.

During that time they say they have not had one phone call from the company.

Winifred, of Lilac Road, Beighton, said: “It’s a joke, it’s unbelievable. It would be different if they had rung or apologised but we never heard a word.

“I rang the Drakehouse store once and a man said it would be April 19. But when I rang nearer the time to confirm a woman said there was nothing coming on that date.

“This week they said it would be in the shop on May 19, that’s almost 19 weeks, but they couldn’t say when it would be at our house.”

Mr Brears said: “If we had known it would take more than 12 weeks we wouldn’t have ordered. I am 84 years old and could do without this worry.”


SCS has said the goods will be in store today – but the delays were normal.

The Brears have been told if they pay the deposit, delivery to their home would be arranged.

A spokesman said: “We can confirm we have reviewed Mr Brears’s order which was placed during our very busy January sale period, with an estimated lead time of 10 to 12 weeks quoted at the time of placing the order.

“While we make every effort to deliver our customers’ new furniture as quickly as possible, on rare occasions delivery timings of some of our more popular sofas may differ from the estimated delivery timescale, which we highlight to all our customers at the time of placing the order.

“We are in the process of contacting the customer direct to arrange delivery of their goods this week, and offer our sincere apologies for the delay.”


TINA Weston of Sheffield Trading Standards said that once a delay became ‘unreasonable’ customers could claim for breach of contract and get their deposit back – whether it was ‘non-refundable’ or not.

They first had to write to the firm setting a deadline and using the legal phrase ‘time is of the essence’.

If the purchase was over £100 and a credit card was used to pay a deposit the easiest way to get it back was by writing to the credit card company evidencing the breach of contract and asking for a ‘chargeback’.

She said: “I think 17 weeks is becoming unreasonable.”