Couple found dead were going through divorce

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A married couple found dead in their Chesterfield home were going through a divorce, according to neighbours.

Police launched an investigation after the discovery of the bodies of retired David Connaughton, aged 60, and former ladies darts captain Julie Connaughton, 57.

Officers were called to the house on Walton Drive, Boythorpe, on Friday afternoon when concerns were raised.

A post mortem examination revealed Mrs Connaughton died as a result of head injuries and her husband was found dead as a result of stomach injuries.

One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: “My other half said ‘Hello’ to David just prior to the death, asking how he was, but he couldn’t speak and said ‘I can’t talk to you right now, my head’s all over the place. I just can’t talk to you, I’m going to have to go’.

“Julie was filing for divorce, and just before her death she had apparently gone to the pub and mentioned she had just got the divorce papers.”

His sister, who also wished to remain anonymous, played darts with Julie at The Peacock Inn.

“Julie was a lovely, outgoing woman, was very friendly, and head of the darts committee,” she said.

Another neighbour said: “I’d heard that the couple were filing for divorce.

“Julie was nice and pleasant, and I used to ask her how her dogs were doing as I walked past her house.

“I didn’t speak to David, but I’d see him now and again if he was working in the garden.”

The retired couple are believed to have left two daughters, Nicola and Emily Corless, and one son, Robert Connaughton.

An inquest has been opened and adjourned at North Derbyshire Coroners Court.