Couple from Doncaster celebrate turning 90 together

An elderly couple from Doncaster have just turned 90 years old within a week of each other and celebrated in style thanks to their neighbours.

Monday, 13th August 2018, 4:14 pm
Updated Monday, 13th August 2018, 4:58 pm
Betty and Danny Sains have been married for 66 years, and celebrated their birthdays within a week of each other

Betty Sains celebrated her ninetieth birthday on August 1, five days before her husband Danny celebrated his, and the couple from Sprotborough were guests of honour at a party held by their neighbours to show their appreciation for the pair.

Both their mothers were pregnant at the same time, and lived in Bentley, meaning that both Betty and Danny went through school together and later a romance blossomed between the pair.

Betty and Danny are loved by their neighbours, who hosted a BBQ to celebrate their birthdays

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They married in their twenties, and Betty still has part of her wedding day outfit carefully wrapped up.

After marriage Danny worked as a coal delivery man, before moving to BT and Betty worked as a telephonist at The Post Office.

The couple then moved in with Betty's mum in order to save for a house, living off Danny's wages and saving Betty's for the deposit of a bungalow in Sprotborough, which they moved into in 1966 and have lived in ever since.

Throughout their lives the couple have enjoyed many holidays, and also owned a caravan at Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire, which they shared with close friends.

Betty and Danny still manage to have a laugh and enjoy life

Unfortunately the couple were unable to have children, but they have enjoyed a happy marriage and have filled their lives with wonderful friends, many of whom they now call family.

They have also both worked tirelessly and have done lots of charity work, volunteering for the Save the Children shop, carrying out drive sales to raise funds for guide dogs and the air ambulance, and have raised money for local schools.

To show their appreciation for the couple and mark the milestone birthday their neighbours held a BBQ so the pair could celebrate in style surrounded by close friends.

Speaking of the event Betty said: "We have such lovely family friends and are so grateful to all of them. We've had a lovely fortnight and they've pulled out every stop.

"We've known a lot of people and when you get to our age a lot of them have passed away, but we're lucky to enjoy life and enjoy each day.

"We've had the kettle on every hour of the day to make cups of tea."

And the couple are still going strong, and manage to stay active despite their old age.

"We've enjoyed life, and we both keep trying," Betty added.

"We both get out. He does the work in the garden, I do what I can in the house. I walk as much as I can because I'm a big believer in exercise.

"You can't just sit in a chair and sign off, you've got to keep going. We wanted to say thank you to all our family friends, they're lovely people to live amongst."