Couple are living in fear from man at the window

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A MAN who has terrified a Doncaster couple in their own home for years refuses to say why he is harassing them.

Rachel and John West had to call police again when the man turned up at their bungalow in Sandford Road, Balby, just hours after being released from a prison sentence for threatening behaviour against them.

The incidents in their garden have landed Gary Hugh Wallace, aged 44, behind bars again, this time for a total of 23 months.

He pleaded guilty at Doncaster Crown Court to breaching a restraining order but when asked by the judge why he was harassing Mr and Mrs West his only reply was: ‘No comment’.

Prosecutor Neil Coxon said the restraining order prohibited Wallace from entering Sandford Road indefinitely and he was released halfway through a 10-months prison term on January 10.

But the very next day Mrs West returned home from shopping to find him on the drive and she was so frightened she got back in her car and drove off.

Police were called but could not find Wallace. Later that afternoon Mrs West heard noises outside and saw him next to the garden shed, which is where police found him hiding.

“I’m afraid of what he might do next. I’m worried he might break in,” said Mrs West, who explained Wallace had been rattling their doors and making noises outside the windows in the middle of the night for the past two years.

“I’m often home alone and every little noise makes me jumpy. I’d like him to be removed from the area completely. I do not feel secure in my own home,” she added.

Wallace has convictions for 59 past offences, including burglary and robbery.

He chose not to be represented by a barrister and refused to make any statement to the court.

Judge Jacqueline Davies told him: “It is easy to see why Mrs West was as frightened as she was at seeing you in her garden twice within hours of your release.

“I have no doubt the family has been profoundly affected by your conduct and that they need protecting. It was your presence that was so intimidating to them.”

Wallace, of no fixed address, received 18 months for the latest breach plus five months which remained on his previous sentence.