Country is turning into one huge dump

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When are the councils and Government going to realise that it is costing money, not saving money, to charge people for using the tips?

We have never seen our lanes and streets in such a mess from fly-tipping and we are now paying as much, if not more, for the rubbish to be removed to the tips, which is where it would have gone in the first place if it were not for the charges. All we are doing is paying for the middle man.

Open the tips with a small charge, fine any fly- tippers £1,000 and confiscate or crush their vehicles, be it car or truck. Hand a £500 fine to any driver who allows rubbish to be thrown out of a car window.

The money saved on cleaning up could be used to put covert cameras at hotspots. One way or another the rubbish still ends up at the tips.

Our country is turning into one big rubbish dump.

Dave Croucher

Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster, DN7