Council's fight for cash to repair Doncaster's damaged roads

Doncaster is fighting for a share of a £1 million fund for South Yorkshire to fix its potholes.

The Government has announced its roads funding to councils for the coming year, and it includes £980,000 from a Government pot hole action fund to be split across the Sheffield City Region.

The total figure of roads cash for the region will be £15,644,000, which will also include money to improve safety and cut congestion.

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It is understood Doncaster Council bosses believe the borough is likely to receive around £5 million in total for roads.

The issue will be debated by Doncaster Council’s overview and scrutiny committee on Thursday.

Committee chairman Coun John Mounsey said the council would now have to argue its case for a share of the money, but warned that he thought not even four times the amount the region was due to receive would be enough to fix the borough’s roads.

Coun Mounsey is a former cabinet member for transport on the authority.

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He said: “Our mayor and the council leaders need to try establish where the most need is.”

“When I was cabinet member for transport, we had a map of where the roads needed repairing, and it was the B and C roads which were the issue. But I think Doncaster could spend at least £4 million and still not have everything fixed.”

Residents have given their views on the issue.

Sharon Kirby said: “It’s not a case of which road is worse, it’s a case of fixing them all properly instead of just chucking a bit of tarmac in and hoping it will last!”

Anthony Gaunt said: “Get rid of the speed bumps on Tranmoor Lane, Armthorpe, and have camera at top and bottom. They get huge holes in them and I bet the a lot of claims have been made for tyres and wheels.”

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Jamie Fox said: “The question is what street/road doesn’t want doing. They are all in terrible condition.

Warren Bennett: “The road through Marr to the Dearne Valley Parkway is in need of a facelift.

Rob Brough said he thought Minneymoor Lane, Conisbrough, was in need of repairs.

Lucy Raybould said she wanted to see Duke Street fixed. She said: “I fell over a pot hole down there last year and severely sprained my ankle and tore ligaments

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Emma Lacey said she wanted to see repairs to Manor estate in Toll Bar which she said she thought cost her a fortune in tyres

Monica Jeffress said she thought Brecks Lane in Kirk Sandall was in need of repairs.

Transport Minister Andrew Jones said: “Roads play a significant part in everyday life linking people with jobs and businesses with customers, which is why this Government is investing record amounts improving and maintaining highways across the country to help motorists.

“The funding we have allocated today is focused on relieving congestion and providing important upgrades to ensure our roads are fit for the future - helping to build an economy that works for everyone.”