Councillors not fit to make decisions

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What a sad day for the historic market town of Doncaster, when yet again the valiant efforts of elected mayor Peter Davies have been thwarted by the narrow-mindedness of the Labour-led council.

Mr Davies wanted to invest £1.3 million, which was approved by his cabinet, on revamping the outdoor market area of Doncaster.

I am sure everyone will agree it looks run down, yet again we have the Labour group of councillors holding back progress.

Their reason is that they want money to be spent on other outlying market towns – Mexborough and Thorne, are just two that were mentioned.

But less than 12 months ago the leader of the Labour Party and Doncaster MP Ed Miliband was championing the cause of Mexborough market promising to take it forward.

Maybe the Labour group in Doncaster can explain what happened to that.

And as for Thorne market, there isn’t one.

The Labour Council about five years ago spent a small fortune of ratepayers’ money to modernise what was a small but thriving outdoor market area and have now made it an empty desolate area, with maybe one stall on a good day.

This again is sour grapes from a Labour-controlled council, doing their upmost to stop an elected mayor carrying out his duties for the good of our town and its residents.

I believe it now shows that these councillors are not fit to make decisions on behalf of the residents of Doncaster.

I urge the residents to get behind mayor Davies and help him make Doncaster a better place for us all and for the generations that will follow us.

Mick Glynn, Hatfield Town Councillor, 78 Doncaster Road, Hatfield DN7