Councillors intervene to help club avoid insurance charge

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COUNCILLORS have intervened to ensure a Sheffield sports club will avoid an unexpected bill as part of an insurance agreement.

Following the work of Liberal Democrat councillors, trustees of Totley Sports and Social Club will no longer be asked to underwrite the insurance of their new sports pavilion.

The new Totley Bents Pavilion was built last year following the demolition of the structurally unsound old pavilion. The sports and social club raised almost £70,000 to help construct the new pavilion.

However, the club was left shocked when Sheffield Council asked trustees of the club to personally underwrite the insurance of the pavilion.

The potential cost could have reached hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Colin White, Secretary of the Totley Sports and Social Club, said: “No ordinary individuals could accept such a financial liability and it was particularly galling since these trustees were instrumental in raising the majority of the funds for the new pavilion.

“Fortunately, after intervention of councillors, the controversial ‘shortfall clause’ was dropped and the people of Totley will now be able to enjoy the new sport facility.”

Sheffield Council dropped the demands after Dore and Totley Lib Dem councillor Joe Otten raised the concerns of the club at a full meeting of Sheffield Council.

Coun Otten said: “Having raised thousands of pounds for a new facility the whole community could enjoy, it felt like a slap in the face for the council to ask the trustees of the club to personally underwrite the insurance.

“Thankfully, our intervention has forced the council to think again and I’m glad they’ve seen sense.”