Councillor cleared in parish leaflets row

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A PARISH councillor has been cleared of wrongdoing after an investigation into a row over leaflets.

Rossington Parish Council chairman Terry Wilde was investigated after he was reported to the Doncaster Council standards committee by Rossington residents and former parish councillors Malcolm Clark and Barry Johnson.

Mr Clark and Mr Johnson had claimed Coun Wilde had brought his office into disrepute through claims he made in an election campaign leaflet and at the annual parish meeting of Rossington Parish Council last May.

It referred to an earlier complaint made by Mr Clark, which was described in leaflets by Coun Wilde as “malicious”.

Mr Clark and Mr Johnson also complained the leaflet made it appear the whole parish council had been subject of the previous complaint, rather than Coun Wilde himself .

Their complaint said the leaflet showed ‘arrogance’ to parish councillors, as it talked about the findings of an earlier hearing before they had been published.

Coun Wilde had previously been found to have been direspectful to Mr Clark and Mr Johnson in a hearing in April,.

But the sub-committee which heard the complaint also found he had not brought the authority into disrepute.

It imposed no penalty for the matter.

That followed claims Coun Wilde had made at a Rossington Parish Council meeting about Mr Clark and Mr Johnson.

The investigation into the allegations cost the taxpayer £6,800 to carry out, it was later revealed.

Standards determination sub-committee chairman David Harle said Coun Wilde had not brought the council into disrepute in the latest hearing.

Coun Wilde said he was delighted to be cleared in what had been the second complaint made against him in nine months. He said he had been forced to give much time over the last 18 months defending himself against the allegations.

The case against Coun Wilde was the latest in a string of complaints against parish councillors in Doncaster.

Last year there were five complaints dealt with by the board.

These complaints cost £14,226.15 to investigate.

The year before had seen six complaints against parish councillors, dealt with at a total cost £10,998.44.