Council will help if you make them aware of problems

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I’ve read many disparaging remarks about the council, most of which I totally agree with, but I would like to praise the council estate teams that try their utmost to keep Gleadless Valley clean despite some of the dirty people who live among us.

Only this week some idiots poured engine oil all over the steps of three blocks of maisonettes. Initially an emergency team came out and spread sand on the oil to absorb it.

The next day I contacted Damon Pass, who is in charge of the estate teams. Within the hour a team was sent out and the blocks were pressure-washed.

On the Spotswood Close block the oil proved difficult to remove and they returned twice to make sure the job was done.

It’s a wonder that Mr Pass doesn’t tell me where to go, because he’s the person I contact about rubbish and litter.

Recently I saw some dumped furniture in a small wood that runs along the side of Gleadless Road near Abney Road. I mentioned this to Mr Pass two days later the furniture had all been removed – now that’s brilliant.

Why these people think it’s perfectly OK to dump stuff is beyond me, but they just don’t seem to get caught, more’s the pity.

So if anybody sees rubbish dumped on any of the estates contact your local housing office and let them know about it.

It’s very reassuring to know that Mr Pass and his fantastic team are only at the end of a phone or email. His men would bend over backwards to help us and I think we are very privileged to have them working so hard for us.

It makes my blood boil when you hear or read that “the council don’t remove rubbish”.

If they are not aware of it how can they, just let them know. I don’t know what the estate teams earn but it’s nowhere near enough.

Vin Malone

S14 1LF