Council tenants to be asked their views on city’s housing

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Thousands of council house tenants across Sheffield are being invited to find out more about how their homes could be managed in the future.

An information booklet is being delivered to each of Sheffield’s 42,700 council homes setting out two options for tenants to consider – to have their home managed directly by the council or to stay with Sheffield Homes.

The booklet explains that, whichever option is chosen, there will be some things that stay the same - the council would still own the home and they will remain a council tenant, repairs would still be carried out and rents would still be set in the same way.

The booklet also explains how tenants can find out more, either on the phone or online, and through a touring exhibition and meetings in local areas over the next few months. A tenant ballot will be held on the two options in February.

Sheffield Council cabinet member for housing, Coun Harry Harpham, said: “This is the first part of our consultation so we explain in a straightforward way what the two options are and what they would mean for people who live in council housing.”

The council’s preferred option is to scrap Sheffield Homes and bring housing back in-house, to save money.

Sheffield Council is also consulting on new arrangements for how council housing is allocated to tenants. Coun Harpham said: “We are issuing a call to action for everyone in the city, not just council tenants, to get in touch and have their say.”

The consultation will look at whether allocations should be means-tested, whether the size of property and number of bedrooms should be limited for smaller households, and whether fewer properties should be age-banded.