Council tax should be linked to earnings

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I write in support of David Booth’s request for reform of the council tax policy.

We have a similar illogical situation. My father is now in a care home so is eligible for a council tax exemption on his property. However, in order to protect the property and make it appear still lived in, my daughter lives there two or three nights a week. For this she has to pay £1,819 a year.

Can someone explain to me why the council tax you pay is related to the size of your home?

You can have the situation where an elderly couple living in an identical property to a family of five wage earners pay the same amount. Yet the family’s income will far exceed the OAPs’ and the resources used by the family will again far exceed the OAPs’.

We all laugh at how crazy the window tax was, but to tax someone on the size of their home is as irrational.

Mylie Reynolds