Council support for Sheffield's anti-fracking campaigners

Anti-fracking campaigners in Sheffield
Anti-fracking campaigners in Sheffield
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Members of Sheffield City Council are set to add their support to local groups who are opposing fracking in the Sheffield area.

The motion, set to be proposed and seconded by Labour councillors Mark Jones and Moya O’Rourke, will state that “communities do not want fracking in their area”.

It will also state that the ruling Labour administration has “supported our communities’ ability to decide what the future of fracking should be in their areas, rather than having to endure the diktats from on high by an over-zealous Government”.

It will pledge support organisations including Sheffield Climate Alliance, Frack Free South Yorkshire and Mosborough Against Fracking.

“Britain urgently needs a renewable energy revolution,” the motion will state; adding that there needs to be a “focus on unlocking the jobs and growth that a low-carbon energy infrastructure can provide for our industry, workforce and communities”.

It will also note “with bitter disappointment that the Government have recently announced a series of measures to support the development of shale gas extraction which are being imposed on local communities, local councils and local wishes, to force through changes at the behest of fracking companies”.

The meeting is set to take place at 2pm on Wednesday, June 6 at Sheffield Town Hall.