Council stumbling block to investment and jobs

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I cannot for the life of me understand why John Lewis is objecting to the proposed Ikea store.

I cannot see where it would impact on a John Lewis store three miles away.

I have often driven down to Nottingham to their IKEA store, which is what people tend to do. Nottingham draws customers from all around the midlands and many, like me, also spend money in other nearby shops and shops in Nottingham city centre that I would not normally travel to.

The Meadowhall objection is laughable, because their sudden concern about the environment and air pollution beggars belief.

Believe me, if Meadowhall wanted to expand they would fight every objection on these grounds tooth and nail.

Why people with a vested interest should be allowed to influence what shops and facilities, as well as jobs, are available to the people of Sheffield is beyond me.

If Sheffield turns down Ikea, then they will simply build a store somewhere else in the area, like Rotherham or Doncaster.

Then people will go there and spend money in other shops in those towns instead of Sheffield.

Leeds has an Ikea and The White Rose shopping centre on its outskirts, and a thriving city centre and they seem to cope OK, so why is it always Sheffield that finds a stumbling block to investment and jobs?

S Collins