Council should utilise Sheffield’s major asset

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It’s not very often that I agree with Paul Kenny (Letters November 26) but must congratulate him on his comments regarding the tragic demolition of the Don Valley Stadium which has commenced with indecent haste.

The stadium is joining the Moorhead and Fargate underpasses, the Hole in The Road, the Town Hall ‘eggbox’ extension and Wellington Street Fire Station in the list of local government follies which the ratepayer continued to pay for long after their demise.

The next candidate to join this list and further enhance Sheffield ‘laughing-stock’ status will be the digging-up of the runway at Sheffield City Airport for which a £1.8 million loan of public money has been obtained.

This is at the same time as we are debating the HS2 link which, as we all know, will be only affordable to business travellers.

For goodness sake, we have got such a link staring us in the face in the form of Sheffield City Airport, which incidentally has about the same size runway as London City Airport, which handles three million passengers per year.

Wake up, Sheffield City Council and utilise this major city asset, which could transform the local economy if reopened.

Doncaster Robin Hood Airport is not serving, and never will serve, our business needs.

Let them concentrate on leisure flights and give our business community the chance to trade with the rest of the world.

Howard Greaves