Council should admit mistake

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Your article on the council stopping cheque payments for council tax made me wonder if they ever considered that cheques have a vital role in helping people pay bills?

Not everyone has time to queue at post offices etc, which for the working person would have to be on Saturday morning only.

In addition some people write cheques for elderly relatives who can’t get out of the house and queue or who do not have their own cheque books. This problem also relates to businesses which now have to send a member of staff to the a post office. Does the council also know that post offices cannot process large cheques? They have to enter lots of smaller payments, this can be four or five entries to reach the amount needed !

The banks have realised their error and cancelled plans to scrap the cheque - the council should admit its mistake and let customers pay by cheque.

JE, S9

Looking for volunteer helpers

Can I applaud staff, fellow members and ex-volunteers/members of Manor Rights and Advice Service for their work in the Manor area, providing advice, information and assistance on welfare benefits, debt, housing and consumer issues. This is free, independent, confidential, and impartial and available to everyone.

This area has seen a staggering increase in dependency on benefits, which as we know, are under attack.

Manor is a place of complex issues, which is only increasing as the cuts begin to bite for real people.

Manor Rights and Advice Service urgently needs more volunteer management committee members, admin and advice workers to keep this priceless asset going. Training is provided. If you can just spare a few hours please contact Manor Rights & Advice Service, 300 Prince of Wales Road, Manor, S2 1FF.

Coun Terry Fox, Manor Castle Ward