Council services for all not just few

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I would very much like an explanation from Sheffield City Council as to why they feel there is no need or requirement for them to grit pavements in and around housing areas.

I am not a driver and I already get poor enough value for money from my council tax (also not being a parent, not using the local leisure facilities, not relying on council services other than lighting or refuse and still being charged extra on that just because I have a garden).

The pavements around the city and where I live are icy every winter and this is made worse given that I live in an area where there are a considerable number of elderly and vulnerable people.

Frankly the money-saving answer will not be good enough as this is my money that’s being spent for people other than me.

It’s long past time the council faced up to the fact that they have responsibility to provide services for all the citizens of this city and not just a few.

Mike Halsey, Gleadless Valley

* I have lived on Richmond Hall Drive for 25 years, and to my surprise have just seen a gritter lorry reverse down the road, then grit the road on the the way out.

Thank you Amey. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another 25 years for a gritter.

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