Council really are useless, aren’t they?

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Another successful Snooker World Championship, wonderful entertainment and an excellent advert for the Crucible and the City of Sheffield.

I’m just waiting for this useless council to trot out their reason why, unfortunately, the Crucible will have to close. They really are useless, aren’t they.

Let’s see, there’s been IKEA, Next, the city airport, Don Valley Stadium, Sevenstone, the Ski Village to name but a few that easily spring to mind.

Anything that would broaden the appeal of Sheffield and create jobs and wealth seem to be automatically dismissed as alien concepts.

The council seem to have no idea of the negative image this gives.

The council have to ask themselves whether they want a vibrant, growing fascinating city or a stagnant, depressing place governed by out-of-date political doctrines..


Bents Green