Council plans to tackle homes shortage

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ACTION is being considered by a South Yorkshire council to try to cut the number of family homes occupied by single people.

Rotherham Council has revealed 117 of its 261 council houses with four or more bedrooms are now occupied by single tenants.

In the meantime, the council has a chronic shortage of large family accommodation.

Proposals include stopping tenancies for life, meaning when tenants’ circumstances change, such as children growing up, households would have to move to smaller homes.

The council says it does not intend to move existing single tenants.

Dave Richmond, council director of housing, said: “It’s generally where people have had a larger family and the rest of the family have left and they’ve been left alone in a large house.

“You can understand people have lived there all their lives and we don’t want to impact on those people at all.

“However, at the same time we’ve got all these properties occupied by just one person. We’ve got 350 families with four or more kids, who desperately need those properties, crammed into smaller properties.”