Council out of touch with concerns of local people

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Local libraries in Sheffield provide several invaluable services that many residents depend on, so it’s not surprising that more than 10,000 people have signed a petition against library closures.

Reading in The Star, October 3, that this petition was rejected when presented by Stannington Lib Dem Coun David Baker at the full council meeting on October 2, it solidified my conviction that the Labour-run city council is out of touch with the concerns of local people and unable to manage its finances properly.

Money wasted on town hall makeovers, consultancy fees, etc could be put to much better use preserving local services that Sheffield residents actually care about.

In addition to the libraries mentioned in the article, I’d also like to draw attention to the plight of Ecclesfield library, a great resource in my local area.

I salute the efforts made by former East Ecclesfield councillor Colin Taylor and his team of volunteers to defend the library from closure, citing its use by infant/toddler groups, reading groups and many local individuals as a crucial local service.

I hope the council wakes up and realises how important Ecclesfield and many similar libraries are to local people, and gives the issue the proper time and consideration it deserves.

Tom Mead

Firth Park, S5