Council need to axe managers to save cash

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I AM writing this from Northern Cyprus, where I am on an extended holiday.

However, I read your website every day in order to wince at the goings-on in my native Sheffield.

Perhaps next year we can expect the council to publish a list of the actual projected savings of £1,000,000 that will have been achieved through the employment of consultancy services.

I will refrain from commenting in depth on the ludicrous issues of Health and Safety, an industry whose only useful purpose would seem to be to find work for people who otherwise may find themselves on the unemployed list.

I assume that the ergonomics consultants will have checked that all the office chairs were correctly sited, are of a soothing colour and are raised to the right elevation.

The real issue here is that we employ an army of civil servants who are extremely well paid in order for the council (I quote) ‘to be able to compete with the commercial sector’.

One would have thought that a fundametal requirement of any departmental manager’s job function is forward planning.

The need to outsource this to expensive consultancy practices is surely an admission that the managers are not fit for purpose and should be replaced.

This in itself could incur an excellent cost saving as the current economic situation should provide an opportunity to re-employ suitable (and more capable) individuals at a lower annual cost.

Ian Betts, PO Box 725 Girne Mersin 10 Turkey