Council lacks action plan to transform city centre

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The Star recently asked readers to share their visions of how to make Sheffield a more attractive place so that it can compete with Meadowhall, Manchester and Leeds.

Also, Sheffield Council leader Julie Dore wants people’s ideas as to how the city centre can be improved. Where do I start?

Already suggested is that we need more quality independent stores, so what do we see? A prime site at the bottom of High Street which was occupied by TJ Hughes is to be turned into three units for Sports Direct, British Heart Foundation, and Poundland which can hardly be described as providing the wow factor.

Amazingly, some of the ‘visions’ for the future accurately describe what Sheffield used to be like before it became an unattractive mish-mash.

Sheffield was once a vibrant place with quality shops and excellent restaurants.

Now, apart from Atkinson’s, John Lewis, and Marks & Spencer, the city is filled with fast-food outlets, charity shops, coffee shops, and mobile phone stores.

Coun Dore says that “Sheffield isn’t lacking in ambition” but it appears to lack any action plan.

After ‘consulting’ people for their suggestions and ideas the council will very likely ignore them as usual and carry on in their blinkered way.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield S10