Council issues statement over 'nightmare' Chesterfield road

Picture: Ben Finney on Facebook.
Picture: Ben Finney on Facebook.
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Residents are calling for action on a 'nightmare' Chesterfield road after a lorry ripped a door from a parked car.

Ben Finney posted the above picture on Facebook after a white 7.5-tonne lorry hit his Mazda on Handley Road, New Whittington, at 7.50am yesterday.

Handley Road.

Handley Road.

The lorry driver left the scene without stopping.

Ben said: "It was a shock when I woke up to see my car like that - it looks like it will be a write-off.

"The door was left in the middle of the road which could have been potentially life-threatening to other drivers - and I'm disappointed the driver didn't stop."

Police have been informed of the incident and Ben has put an appeal on social networking site Facebook which has been shared more than 2,000 times.

Commenting on the post, Heather Rourke said: "This is awful. I hope you manage to find who did it."

The Derbyshire Times visited Handley Road to speak to residents who branded the street a 'racetrack' - and told of their fears that someone could be killed.

Diane Munday said: "It’s a shocking road – it has been for decades.

"I've seen vehicles driving at way above 30mph and smashing into parked cars and walls in the past.

"Something needs to be done urgently. It would help if it was a one-way street with speed bumps."

Lucy Spencer said: "My wing-mirror has been knocked off at least three times.

"This road is, quite frankly, horrific – it's like living near the M1.

"We need speed bumps and speed cameras here before there’s a tragedy."

Rachel Curtis said: "It's not a good road at all.

"A lot of drivers treat it like a racetrack.

"They really need to slow down before someone is seriously injured or even worse."

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said: "It's only a matter of time before someone is killed along this awful road.

"I really fear for my kids' safety."

Derbyshire County Council is responsible for roads.

A council spokesman said: "We get a few requests each year for traffic calming.

"Handley Road is a B class road and, as such, carries a large volume of traffic, including HGVs, and is the main route to Eckington.

"We rarely implement traffic calming in the form of road humps on A and B class roads due to the volume of traffic and the noise that can sometimes be generated when HGVs travel over them.

"We have, however, introduced two vehicle-activated signs on Handley Road and created sheltered parking bays, improved school signing, splitter islands with pedestrian crossing points as well as highlighting the entry into the 30mph speed limit near Slag Lane."