Council is hitting small business to reduce carbon

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It’s looking like we’re heading back to the bad old days of the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire with the council’s bonkers ban on ice cream vans over five years old.

The science of man-made global warming is looking shaky at best with no measurable increase in temperature since 1998, so the council has decided to hit a few small businesses with massive extra costs, “to reduce Sheffield’s carbon footprint”.

How many vans are in Sheffield anyway? It can’t be more than 50 and if 90 per cent of those need replacing that’s a potential of 45 new vans needing to be built. How much carbon will be created to do that?

A new ice cream van is in excess of £60,000! A one-year-old example will cost £40-50,000!

How a small business is supposed to come up with this kind of money at the whim of a bunch of biscuit-munchers in a council meeting room is a mystery as the council once again displays its anti-business credentials, (we’re all waiting for the reasons Ikea isn’t going to be allowed to invest here).

Long-established businesses will end up being forced to the wall or have to shed jobs to salve the councils hand-wringing right-on claptrap.

Sheffield doesn’t function because of the council, it functions despite it.

Martin Laurie

by email