Council have negative attitude towards investors

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I just cannot believe our Labour Council in this city.

An opportunity to create around 700 jobs, bring investment into the city, put us back on the retail map and on derelict land into the bargain, and what does the council do?

They look for as many excuses as they can to justify rejection of the proposal. If, as I suspect, they will turn down this project they will demonstrate that they have a negative attitude towards investors, the people of this once great city and visitors alike.

To quote Clive Betts (The Star, April 13): “There would be some reduction in numbers of cars going on the motorway to visit Nottingham and Leeds but the likelihood is there will be a greater number coming into Sheffield.”

Isn’t that what we want, people coming to Sheffield?

He then says: “Ikea could improve its home delivery service so people could catch the tram there rather than drive.”

The tram isn’t an option for many people and the council has the cheek to say it isn’t anti-car any more.

How out of touch is Mr Betts and this council? Have any of them ever been to Ikea? Even the Chamber of Trade is in favour.

Leeds decide to build something and they get on with it. Sheffield talk for years to Hammerson about Sevenstone and no definite date has been fixed yet.

If you want a charity shop, Sheffield is the place, otherwise forget it. Yes, we are to have a new market but how long has that taken?


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