Council cuts letters were not delivered

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ONLY 2,000 of 230,000 Sheffield households responded to a letter from the leader of Sheffield Council for their view on the cuts - but some did not get the chance at all.

Several households have contacted The Star complaining they never received the mailshot, which was posted at a cost of £21,000.

The letter was sent by a cheaper contractor than Royal Mail to save money.

But 56-year-old Geraldine Burgin, from Wisewood, a married mum, said: “I feel the letter was a real waste of money, especially if they could not even make sure it was delivered to each household, so everyone had the opportunity to comment.”

Another resident, Katherine Mitchell, who also did not receive the letter from Coun Julie Dore, said: “For some to have been given the opportunity to comment and others not to have had this is wrong - wrong, wrong, wrong.”

Joe Fowler, Sheffield Council’s director of performance and communications, said: “We have taken 15 complaints. I am also aware of a batch of letters not delivered in the S17 area, so we redelivered to households there.

“I would apologise to anyone who did not have their consultation letters, but we have provided them to everyone who advised us they had not received them.”