Council counts the high cost of snow damage

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DAMAGE caused by heavy snow to roads and footpaths in Barnsley over the last two winters will cost more than £3 million to repair.

The figure was revealed at a meeting of councillors who were examining the council’s snow plan.

A report to the committee, which met a week before the anniversary of the first heavy snowfalls of last year, said that the significant snowfalls during the winters of 2009 and 2010 have left Barnsley with ‘damage to roads and footpaths on a scale not experienced for many years’.

The report added: “Dealing with periods of weather that affects transport systems, the economy and residents can be expensive. Snow and gritting operations require resources, as does repairing the damage caused by unusual weather. The council spent £1,090,000 on snow clearing and gritting in 2009-10 and £780,000 in 2010-11. The damage sustained to roads and footpaths as a result of the two recent winters is estimated to be £3,386,000.”

About £2m of the funding came from council finances, while £788,000 was also contributed by the Government.