'˜Council contractor reassessing state of Sheffield's roads before resurfacing them'

Council contractors are reassessing the state of Sheffield's roads and deferring resurfacing them as part of a £2.2 billion contract to improve the city's highways, it has been claimed.

Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 1:18 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th September 2018, 6:23 am
Amey workers resurface a Sheffield street.

People living in Endcliffe said council contractor had been carrying out resurfacing works on streets in the area over the last few weeks and were due to work on Riverdale Road, Endcliffe.

But Elaine Ingram said she'd been told the road has been reassessed and '˜deemed not to require resurfacing along the whole length'.

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Ms Ingram said: 'The roads around Endcliffe have been horrendous for ages and it's been a standing joke around here that by the time they get to us they'll have a ran out of money.

'They have finally started work in the last few weeks '“ they have done Park Avenue and they've done part of Endcliffe Grove Avenue. We assumed that Riverdale Road, which is a main thoroughfare onto Brocco Bank, would be done as well because of all the pothole.

'Apparently, it had been taken off the scheme for some reason. They've been putting notices up with dates telling people not to park because that's when the works will be carried out but they're having to change them all the time.'

Amey is carrying out highway improvements as part of a £2.2 billion contract with Sheffield Council, which runs until 2037.

Ms Ingram said she had '˜no problems' with the work being done by the contractors but was concerned that roads were being left '˜half-finished'.

She added: 'The contractors are great and I don't want them to appear at fault in all of this because they can only do what they have been told.

'But what they have said is they are having to leave roads half-finished because notice periods were running out in other parts of the city.'

Nick Hetherington, network account manager at Amey, said: 'We are sorry to hear that a resident on Riverdale Road has some concerns about the programme of resurfacing in their area. To address these concerns, we have contacted the resident directly.

'A section of Riverdale Road was resurfaced recently as part of the Streets Ahead programme. The remainder of the road is in a reasonable condition but the top surface is beginning to wear and will be resurfaced as part of our work programme next year.

'We will continue to inspect the road and repair it where necessary to ensure it remains in a safe condition.

'In the meantime, we would encourage residents to continue to report any potholes or other issues directly to Streets Ahead on 0114 2734567."