Council acts to avoid repeat of fines blunder

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Steps have been taken to prevent repeat of a Sheffield Council blunder which saw 700 drivers wrongly sent demands for fines they had already paid.

A computer error meant people who had paid penalties of up to £60 had then been sent further demands for £90.

Residents receiving the demands were told failure to pay would mean the ‘debt’ registered at County Court and the possibility bailiffs could be sent out.

Coun Bryan Lodge, council cabinet member for finance, said: “Obviously, we apologise to all of the people who were affected by this problem and for any distress it might have caused.

“Thank you to those people who brought this problem to our attention.

“We know our contractor, Capita, has now redirected the incorrect payments and they are making sure all payments from mid-May are being directed to the right place within the system.

“In addition, we can assure people affected that no-one has been referred to bailiffs as a result of these errors.

“Even with assurances from Capita, we will be having discussions with them to make sure that we are satisfied something like this doesn’t happen again.”