Could you give Harriott the chance to be happy?

A caring home is sought to give cat Harriott a chance to live her life and be happy.

The Sheffield branch of the RSPCA is looking for a potential new owner for the one-year-old black and white domestic feline, who was found by a member of the public with an open wound under her armpit.

A spokesman for the animal charity explained: “She had got her leg caught inside the non-safety collar she had been wearing and over time it had cut into the flesh. She was taken to a vet by an inspector, where she was given immediate treatment, she then came to us for ongoing treatment and to relax and be pampered until her wound healed.

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“Harriott is an extremely special girl who is looking for an experienced owner willing to give her a chance. She was extremely frightened when she arrived and hid away, hissing at anyone going near. We have given her space and time and spent time with her daily having a chat and offering her tasty goodies.”

They added: “She has made great progress, but still has a way to go. We think she would benefit from a home now where she can feel secure and continue to gain confidence in her own home with a loving new owner.

“Harriott does like to interact with you, but at her safe distance.

“She will get quite close to you and ask for a tasty treat or two but she doesn’t enjoy being handled or stroked yet. She can still be defensive and may lash out if she feels threatened.

“This sweet girl just deserves the chance to live her life and be happy.”

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