Could you become a local First Responder?

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The Community First Responder Scheme is looking to recruit volunteers in Penistone, Deepcar and Stocksbridge.

The scheme - formed as a partnership between Yorkshire ambulance service and local volunteers - aims to reduce the number of pre-hospital deaths in Yorkshire.

A spokesman for the scheme said: “It is not always possible to get an emergency vehicle to a patient with a potentially life threatening condition within the first few vital minutes, particularly if they are situated in an outlying rural area. In many medical emergencies the first few minutes are critical. If effective treatment is provided within those minutes, lives can be saved, especially in the case of heart attacks and conditions that have caused someone to lose consciousness.

“Community first responder’s are trained in Basic Life Support skills, the use of a defibrillator and to administer oxygen.”

To become a Community First Responder, you must be aged 18 or over and be in good health. You must own your own vehicle, hold a full driving licence and be able to commit a minimum of four hours per week.

Email for details.