Corbyn's job is now to unite the party

Jeremy CorbynJeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn
I just wonder if the call from Jeremy Corbyn to his party to 'wipe the slate clean and come together' following his huge majority win in the Labour leadership contest will happen, or, be rejected.

Is it not now a case that the 172 rebel Labour MPs who contrived to remove him as their leader should now bury the hatchet, get behind him, unite together, and get on with the job in hand as official opposition to Theresa May and her deeply unpopular Tory government?

Did this gang of plotters seriously believe when they made their demands following Brexit that Mr Corbyn would cave in and resign, and that he would buy a firearm and shoot himself?

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Surely now, these people now have to accept the fact that their plans completely backfired on them, and that they misunderstood the mood of the majority of Labour members (many of them established) who clearly demanded a change of direction.

I say, if these MPs truly believe in democracy, and the plight of millions of average-income families, workers on low-pay, the less well-off, whose living standards have been severely eroded in the last six years, then they need to be seen shouting from the rooftops in support of these people.

As for Jeremy Corbyn who has just been given yet another huge mandate to lead Labour, his job is to unite the party, and then convince the electorate that he is capable to form a credible and trustworthy alternative government at the next general election.

He can only do this by offering sound policies that most people are in favour of, and the full backing of everyone in his movement.

Will this happen?

John Yale

High Green