Corbyn Doncaster visit

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I was intrigued but dismayed to read about Jeremy Corbyn’s visit to Doncaster to speak at a rally.

Although his star seems to be rising I am sure that Corbyn will fall at the earliest opportunity.

This is because his views just do not reflect contemporary political realities and he has a distinguished track record of committing himself to some truly ghastly ideas and concepts.

Corbyn condemned the aspirations of millions of talented individuals, men and women who have worked hard to secure for themselves a decent education, by claiming that their individual needs and ambitions should only be served through submergence into the ‘collective good’.

The truth is, for a lot of people, education is about personal advancement because it is the only way to access good jobs.

Mr Corbyn chose to ignore this.

Recently, he provoked criticism from the families of victims of IRA terrorism as he was so reticent about the need to condemn IRA atrocities.

Notably, he is also relaxed about the restoration of Labour’s Clause Four, the abandonment of which made Labour electable in 1997.

These are not the opinions and actions of a man fit to lead the UK.

Although I am a Conservative councillor, I still recognise that Doncaster is strongly inclined towards Labour.

I despair because whoever leads the Labour Party will yield considerable influence over Doncaster politics. We deserve so much better!

The fact Jeremy Corbyn is taken seriously in today’s Labour Party demonstrates how far into the wilderness that party has travelled since the defeat of Gordon Brown in 2010.

Corbyn might appear eccentric and inoffensive but his views indicate he has a clear agenda which would destroy our way of life.

He is just a throwback and he would be a disaster for the UK.

Councillor Nick Allen

Bessacarr ward, Doncaster. (Conservative)