Cop op to crackdown on nuisance bikers in Doncaster

Several quads bikes have been seized and warnings issued as part of a police operation to tackle the '˜reckless' use of nuisance bikes across Doncaster.

Thursday, 16th June 2016, 4:17 pm
Updated Thursday, 16th June 2016, 4:18 pm
Off-road bikers in Carcroft

Following a rise in the number of reports of quad bikes being used off-road and on public footpaths in a ‘dangerous manner’ officers have seized a total of four quad bikes over the last two months.

Some 12 warnings have also been issued to those using the so-called ‘nuisance bikes’ as part of the continuing crackdown on what police describe as a ‘growing’ problem.

Off-road bikers in Carcroft

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Carcroft has been cited as one of Doncaster’s problem areas for nuisance bikers.

A Carcroft resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, says he fears someone in the area could be seriously hurt if more is not done to tackle the problem.

He said: “It’s only a matter of time before someone gets really hurt.

“There was a dangerous situation the other day where a dog walker was nearly hit by a racing biker on a field nearby.

Off-road bikers in Carcroft

“I always see them congregating on the large recreational grounds behind the Bulcroft Center.

“They come down there and use the bikes in a very dangerous way on a really regular basis.

“I have also seen them making noise, drinking alcohol and smoking drugs.

“Everyone around here is fed up with it. We keep reporting it to the council and the police, but the problem is because they can go from the grassed area on to paths on the roads then the police can’t chase them.

There’s literally nothing that they can do.

“It’s making all of our lives a misery.”

Inspector Richard Collingwood, whose remit covers the Carcroft area, said: “We have seen an increase in calls across the town about nuisance bikes or quad bikes, being driven on- and off-road or on public footpaths in sometimes quite a dangerous manner.

“This reckless behaviour places the safety of the public at risk and we are determined to tackle this issue, as well as the wider issues of antisocial behaviour, alongside the council.

“I want to remind everyone that if you do own a quad bike and want to drive it on the roads, you must have a full car license and the bike must be registered, taxed and have a valid MOT. Many quad bikes can’t be used on the roads because they don’t meet required safety standards.

“More information and guidance can be found online.

“Anyone with information about individuals involved in antisocial behaviour or the use of nuisance bikes should report it via 101 or by speaking to your local officer. You can also now report some forms of crime online.”

Karen Johnson, Assistant Director of Communities, said: “We take all reports of anti-social behaviour extremely seriously and are working alongside our partners to tackle the issues that have been reported to us in this area.

“Nuisance off-road bikers are a danger to themselves and to others. Perpetrators need to be aware that bikes will be seized and riders prosecuted should they be found to be riding illegally.

“Work is ongoing across the borough to crackdown on the problem and over the last two months, our Neighbourhood Response Team in conjunction with South Yorkshire Police have reported that 12 warnings have been issued and four bikes have been seized which includes seizures in the Carcroft area.

“We would urge communities to always come forward and report these issues. We are committed to ensuring that our residents feel safe in their neighbourhoods and we simply will not tolerate anti-social behaviour in any form.”

To report concerns about anti-social behaviour, call South Yorkshire Police on 101 or contact the Neighbourhood Response Team on 01302 736000.