Convenient for Loxley Bottoms

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Privy lend me an ear. S6 is lucky to have a state of the art toilet in these financially straightened times, publicly convenient for Loxley Bottoms.

It stands proudly on Holme Lane and is a testament to (French) Hitechloolgy.

Operated by the human voice, you can occupy it for 20 minutes max, presumably because it lacks Wifi (whatever that is).

In this land of Stephenson, Watt, Faraday, Fred Scuttle etc should we rest on our laurels?

Well no, for said khazi, erected several months, isn’t operational. Fear not. British ingenuity has risen to the challenge. A sign advises those of us with legs plaited like a lattice sausage roll that it’s ‘temporarily out of order’.

It’s never been ‘in’ order!

Ron Clayton, S6