Controversial sky lantern festival will NOT be held in Sheffield

A controversial sky lantern festival will not be held within Sheffield, organisers have confirmed.

Monday, 9th October 2017, 9:45 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:15 pm
Sky lanterns are released during a festival in Austin, Texas (pic: The Lights Fest)

Plans for a Lights Fest event, culminating with a mass release of the flying lights, also known as Chinese lanterns, were recently revealed - with the location given as Sheffield.

News of the festival sparked an online backlash, with critics voicing concerns about the potential fire risk and danger to animals.

Organisers, who have staged similar shows in the US and Canada, said the lanterns used were specially designed to be eco-friendly and every effort was made to ensure safety.

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They have now revealed the event will take place outside Sheffield at a yet-to-be-revealed location which is up to an hour's travel away from the city.

"We are not hosting the event in Sheffield, we are simply marketing to that area," they stated.

"The event will be held about 45-60 minutes away from the Sheffield area. We advertise to surrounding areas so no one misses out.

"Event details will be announced in the near future, prior to opening ticket sales."

Sheffield is one of several UK destinations listed on the Lights Fest website, including Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds.

The events are advertised as featuring live music and other entertainment, though no alcohol is permitted for safety reasons.

Both Sheffield Council and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue have said they were not aware of being approached by organisers.

The brigade said it discouraged the use of sky lanterns, which are also opposed by the RSPCA and are banned at Glastonbury and by some local authorities on council land.