Controversial legal highs shop in Barnsley to close

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A controversial ‘legal highs’ shop in Barnsley is to shut this Friday.

Smokey Sam’s shop on The Arcade is to close after trading in the town for around 11 months.

The decision has been welcomed by Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis, who has been campaigning against the store over concerns its products are marketed to appeal to young people.

He said: “This shop has been a blight on The Arcade and a blight on our town. It attracted drug users, encouraged anti-social behaviour, put off potential customers and left local businesspeople scared to leave their shops.

“Not only is it a blight on our local economy, it is also a serious risk to young people. Currently the law allows these substances to be sold to children – there is no age limit or regulation.”

But he said he was concerned that the shop is believed to be relocating to another site in Barnsley, and said he would continue to campaign for substances sold by such shops to be outlawed.

No-one from the store was willing to comment.