Consultation starts on bid to ban spitting in Doncaster streets

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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CONSULTATION is starting this week on plans to introduce local laws in Doncaster which would ban spitting in the street and allow those caught doing it to be prosecuted.

Peter Davies, Mayor of Doncaster, has called for more to be done to deal with the issue - and borough residents will be asked during a two-month consultation whether they want the council to ask for special powers through an application to the Government.

Consultation will run until September 30 and residents are being urged to give their views.

Alternatively, people may think other options could be explored including awareness-raising campaigns or making it everyone’s responsibility to reinforce spitting as unacceptable behaviour.

Views can be given either via the local authority’s website or through its customer services on 01302 736 000. Staff manning the phones will take callers through the survey over the phone.

The consultation is also expected to help council officials to identify spitting hotspots across the borough.

Peter Davies, Mayor of Doncaster, said: “I can’t abide spitting. It’s a filthy habit, it spreads germs and we need legal powers to tackle it.

“As part of my commitment to improving the borough’s streets and cracking down on anti-social behaviour, I believe that the introduction of a by-law will send out a strong message that spitting is unacceptable in the streets of Doncaster.

“It’s also about boosting respect for our environment and for our fellow residents. We all have a right to go about our daily business without having to watch where we are walking or having to look away in disgust at the sight of someone in the act of spitting.”

Log onto to give views.