Constructive ideas are hard

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So Steve Wilson (March 29) thinks local councillors are from Planet Town Hall. Does this mean his wife (Angela Smith, MP) comes from Planet Whitehall?

He goes on to say ‘ordinary people’ pay £100 to fill their cars. He must have a very large car!

Students can afford to go to university because, although Labour introduced tuition fees, at least now they won’t have to repay loans until they are earning £21,000 a year.

Check your figures on council job losses, Steve. It was 270 not 900, as claimed. It’s amazing, he moans about reduced library hours but in Labour-held Manchester they couldn’t wait to close them.

As usual it’s moan, moan, moan, but not one alternative suggestion. Labour didn’t even have the guts to set a budget. How easy it is to whinge with no constructive ideas of their own.

FT, Chapeltown