Conservative resigns over homophobic tweet

Offensive tweets posted by Sheffield tory Nick Morris.
Offensive tweets posted by Sheffield tory Nick Morris.
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A South Yorkshire Conservative has resigned from the party over homophobic comments he made on a social networking website.

A South Yorkshire Conservative has resigned from the party over homophobic comments he made on a social networking website.

Nick Morris, who stood as a Tory party candidate for Sheffield Richmond in the 2004 Local Election, called a group of feminists ‘left-wing lesbo groupies’ and ‘cretins’.

He made the remarks on social networking site Twitter in response to a post by a feminist campaigner LiraelClayr who was tweeting about a campaign against male violence towards women.

The project called Counting Dead Women is run by fellow feminist Karen Ingala Smith and produces data about the number of women in the UK who are killed by their partners or sons.

Last week she launched her Femiside Census: Profiles of Women Killed by Men - a database recording details of all the women murdered by men in Britain.

Mr Morris tweeted: “Frankly I really don’t care what you and leftwing lesbo-groupies think.”

He later posted: “From what dark hole have these cretins crept from (sic) I wonder.”

But after a backlash on Twitter, Mr Morris, who had been out campaigning the same day with former Sheffield Hallam election candidate Spencer Pitfield, who is the Conservative Policy Forum’s national director, deleted the offensive tweets and posted a lengthy apology.

It read: “I am truly ashamed at the Tweet I sent you earlier this afternoon.

“It was disgusting unwarranted and the height of bigotry.

“I wish it is possible for me to erase what I wrote but this sadly is not possible.

“I’m very sorry for any offence caused by my actions.

As a token of my sincerity I would like to donate some money to the charity of your choice.

My actions in no way reflect the Conservative Party and to that end I will be resigning immediately.”

Mr Morris, who described himself as a Tory ‘activist’ has since resigned from the party and deleted his Twitter account.

He told The Star: “It was a very foolish tweet which I have apologised for. There was no justification for it whatsoever. I have since resigned from the Conservative party and the lady in question has accepted my apology. I’ve made a donation to a charity of her choice.

“It was just sent on the spur of the moment and it certainly doesn’t reflect my views. I’m deeply ashamed about my comment.”

Feminist campaigner Jean Hatchet told The Star: “Women are 51 per cent of the voting public. This ex Tory party member and past candidate is showing disgusting misogyny and homophobia.

“The Tory party is spending vast sums of money on social media and their members are harassing women in the most horrible ways. This needs condemning at the ballot box.”

Nikki Bond, Labour party councillor for Nether Edge and an active feminist, said: “Unfortunately I’m all too familiar with this kind of attitude.

“For anyone to have that kind of attitude is pretty appalling but for someone in a political role, where people are looking up to them for guidance, it is really important they do not come out with this sort of language.

“Sheffield is a City of Sanctuary which extends into being a welcoming and open place for anyone who has a protected characteristic.

“Sheffield City Council works very closely with partner organisations to tackle hate crime and it’s very disappointing to hear this from some who was out campaigning.”