Conservation project begins at ancient Sheffield woods

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Restoration work at ‘valuable’ ancient woodlands in Sheffield is now under way.

Yorkshire Water is carrying out the work at Agden Reservoir, near Bradfield, involving seven acres of woodland.

Large numbers of rhododendrons are being removed as they stop light from reaching the ground – stopping flora such as bluebells, wood sorrel and yellow archangle from thriving.

Non-native trees such as larch and spruce will also be removed.

The company will then keep a watchful eye on the wood to ensure native species of tree begin to thrive though natural seeding.

If they do not, the team will intervene next year and plant some additional oak and shrub species such as hazel to help things along.

Yorkshire Water is spending £1 million on conservation work at a total of 80 acres of ancient woodland across the region.

Geoff Lomas, who is working on the project, said: “Ancient woodlands are essentially the UK equivalent of the Amazon rainforests.

“It’s hard to stress how valuable they are in terms of our heritage and from a biodiversity point of view.”