Congratulations to council planners over bottleneck

Traffic chaos in the city centre
Traffic chaos in the city centre
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Can I be the first to congratulate Sheffield City Council and their Planning Officers on creating, what appears to be another fantastic, traffic bottleneck at the junction of Bridge Street, West Bar and the bottom of Snig Hill.

Thanks for putting another one of those ridiculously over-sized pavement corners in at the junction.

While waiting for an 83 bus to Ecclesall, I watched other buses that use Bridge Street struggle to negotiate the lef- handed corner to get their buses up Snig Hill into the city centre.

Buses now have to cross into the outward bound lane, coming down Snig Hill, meaning traffic will have to stop and give way on the hill, stopping in the process.

All this on what is supposed to be a busy arterial road, serving the city.

Sheffield, city on the move. Brilliant!

Keep up the good work city planners.

James Fenner

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