Confusion over rural strategy

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I was surprised to see a letter from Labour councillors regarding the rural strategy. If they had bothered to read the report they’d know it states ‘the strategy will equally apply to any other communities… for example Mosborough and Beighton.’

However questions asked at the scrutiny board made it clear they had not read it.

Lord knows what would happen if this incompetent bunch were running the council. I’m not surprised Isobel Bowler has no idea what’s happening in Mosborough as. according to your report, she lives in Ranmoor.

Under Labour there would be no rural strategy as they voted to scrap the plan and abandon rural communities like Mosborough in their budget.

Fortunately they were defeated by Lib Dem councillors, who will continue to stand up for all our area across Sheffield no matter where you live.

Gail Smith, Lib Dem councillor, Mosborough

Congratulations to the Mosborough councillors for exposing the latest Lib Dem confidence trick with their so-called Rural Communities Strategy (Jan 27).

The fact that they excluded Beighton and Mosborough from the list of rural communities is one thing. Someone should ask why they include Grenoside as rural and not Fox Hill, include Ecclesfield not Wincobank and why include Middlewood and not Hillsborough.

Is it a ruse to put more resources into Lib Dem favoured areas? It looks like another con job (Con-Dem job) on people living in more deprived areas., from where resources will be taken.

Coun Peter Price, Shiregreen-Brightside