'Confusing Sheffield Council parking permit website could be charging residents double'

Frustrated resident Dawn Van Mourik-Blount fears hundreds of people may have been caught out by a glitch on Sheffield Council's parking permit application website which leads drivers to pay double the amount they need to.

Tuesday, 29th May 2018, 1:09 pm
Updated Friday, 1st June 2018, 7:52 am
Parking on Endcliffe Vale Road - one of the roads where the permit scheme could be extended to.

Ms Van Mourik-Blount said she received a renewal notice for her permit to park outside her Porter Brook home earlier this month but when she went to process her payment, the system asked for a payment of £72, rather than the £36 annual charge.

She said that it was only when she contacted the council to ask about the price, that she was provided with a new reference number, which requested the correct £36 fee.

Ms Van Mourik-Blount, 49, said: "What happens is they send you an email saying that your permit is due for renewal then the system recognises that you are asking for a permit for a second vehicle.

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"It's very confusing - you put your information in and then it wants to charge you £72. When I got in touch with them, the guy said that lots of people have been in touch about it.

"How many people don't notice and end up paying £72 instead of £36? There is probably lots of people who are just going ahead and don't question it."

Sheffield Council said earlier this month that the permit scheme could be extended to more areas of the city through a £50,000 scheme.

But Ms Van Mourik-Blount said: "I haven't paid my renewal and I've told them I won't pay it until they fix the system. I want to know that it has been fixed because I haven't go any faith in it.

"I have asked the council how many days has it been broken and what are they doing to fix it. An IT team could fix it within seconds so why is it still charging people £72.

"I believe there has been a deliberate mistake on the website and it's only if you challenge it do you get any money back or does it ask you to pay the correct amount."

Coun Jack Scott, cabinet member for development and transport, said: “We have received a customer complaint about the incorrect charge being applied to a customer renewing their parking permit. We are currently investigating the complaint and will be responding to the customer shortly.”