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Monday morning so it’s ‘confuse the customers day’ again.

Monday, July 25 was the first day of the new timetable. The driver of the X4 was timed to leave Aston, Aughton Lane/Maple Grove at 09:08. He arrived and left straight away at 09:04, left Swallownest four minutes early and inexplicably waited at Handsworth Rd/Richmond Rd and left two minutes late!

Fast forward to Monday, Aug 1. The bus driver loses his way and ends up travelling the wrong way along Aston Lane. No doubt alerted by frantic waving passengers waiting on the correct side, he turns on to the correct route, leaving stranded passengers at the stops on Worksop Rd. Myself and others included.

Watch this space for next Monday’s adventure. A message to First: please make sure the driver knows times and routes before he sets out.

It’s no good trying to get us to support public transport if we can’t rely on them to deliver the goods. Remember, we’re trying to get to work.

Ian Hall, Aston

Some facts on our cathedral

I WAS interested to read about Sheffield cathedral and the 1920 extensions.

I had a book on how the cathedral would have looked if it had not been for World War II. The present cathedral was not the first choice, the other church was St Paul’s, now the Peace Gardens.

Sir John Betjeman said St Paul’s, built in the early 18th century, was one of the finest baroque churches in England. It was designed by Thomas Archer, who also designed St Philip’s, Birmingham, now the Anglican cathedral.

Sir John was devastated when St Paul’s was demolished in 1938. Only the chancel and central tower and spire remain of the old building. Also, the tower used to have what was known as a clock house. A careful restoration took place in 1878-80 by Sir Gilbert Scot and builders Flockton and Gibbs in the modest prep style of architecture. If the complete rebuilding of the cathedral by Sir Charles Nicholson had happened, it would have ranked as one of the finest since medieval times.

John Jackson, local historian, S8