Conference must be axed

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I READ with shock the report that states that the Liberal Democrat Conference in Sheffield will cost £2 million with tax payers footing the bill!

This is not a public event but a private function and as such it should be paid for by the party itself.

Perhaps in a good old Big Society way the cabinet could have a whip round to pay for it. Let’s face it there are enough multi-millionaires with inherited wealth that could spare a bob or two

In times of cuts you can’t go spending £2m on policing a private function.

It’s not like it’s going to bring any business in, is it? The city centre will be shut down, meaning city centre businesses will lose out.

I call on the Lib Dems to cancel this as part of the austerity drive. Show the people of Sheffield that we are really ‘all in it together’.

Donna Green, Sheffield