Concerns about grazing scheme

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PLANS to manage land in the north of the city with Highland cattle is causing concern among residents because of possible conflict between the cattle and horse riders and dog walkers.

Plans to put the cattle on Wadsley and Loxley Common were discussed at Bradfield Parish Council.

They animals from Graves Park farm would graze on the land and nibble at young trees to prevent them from taking over the remaining heathland.

Without management the lowland heath on the common would be lost due to woodland encroachment.

The parish council was told residents were concerned about the proposals because of the possible threat to horse riders and dog walkers and restricted access as the cattle would be grazing in an area enclosed by four foot high stock fences.

Diana Radford, head of Activity Sheffield told the meeting Sheffield Council had an obligation to manage the habitat and a consultation exercise was being carried out before a final decision was made.

The project will be financed by Natural England who will be provide over £100,000 to fund the scheme over the next 10 years.