Concerned holiday bookers share their stories and advice after low cost holiday firm goes bust

Concerned holidaymakers have been in touch after the news broke that travel firm LowCostHolidays has gone bust tonight.

Friday, 15th July 2016, 9:29 pm
Updated Friday, 15th July 2016, 10:59 pm

We reported earlier this eveninghow 110,000 bookings are at risk after the firm announced it had gone into administration.

Tonight, several people from Sheffield have been in touch to say they have been affected and one person says the hotel they booked has no record of their booking.

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One person said: “My wife and I have been affected by the collapse of the firm.

“No one answering the calls at the Company.

“The hotel refuse to allow us to re-book the hotel as technically it is full.

“My wife attempted to convince them that we are prepared to pay again for our original booking via Low Cost Holidays but they will not accept any payment.

“It appears as though the hotel owners are prepared to have an empty room. We can’t understand why they are ignoring the fact that they are about to lose money from us.

“The chances of the hotel recouping from the travel firm as a creditor are almost nil.

“I have contacted our credit card Company to make a claim for the holiday booking under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. They were really helpful and stated it should not be a problem reclaiming the cost of the holiday booking.”

Another said: “I have just found out my recent holiday booking for 7 people has been affected by the administration of lowcostholidays.

£I booked this two days ago and paid with my debit card not credit card and have yet to get travel insurance which means I have no way of getting my money back. I am totally stressed out right now. I paid for flights hotel and transfers.”

A third person emailed us to say: “I have a hotel booking with low cost & have emailed the hotel in Gran Canaria & awaiting reply. I also phoned them but they said they didn’t have the booking!

“Only booked it 9 days ago so seems it wont ever get booked now.”

Sophia Arianna said: “Myself & four friends booked a holiday to Magaluf and have lost everything other than flights! But if we can’t get refunded then we can’t even afford to book anything else! (Accommodation, transfers etc.)”

Have you been affected? Email [email protected]