Concern over number of homeless on streets of Doncaster

Sleeping Rough ...homeless.....
Sleeping Rough ...homeless.....
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MORE than two dozen people have been sleeping rough on the streets of Doncaster in the last month - 12 times the level recorded in a previous official one-night survey.

M25 Housing and Support Group found 25 people had been roughing it on the streets during April.

Official snapshot counts carried out recorded the figure at only two in October last year .

The latest figures comes at a time when the charity is seeing a rise in admissions.

Last month’s survey was the first of its sort carried out by the charity since it brought in a specialist outreach co-ordinator to try to address the problem.

Now it is launching a dedicated phoneline to try to offer a housing lifeline to those who are sleeping on the streets and in shop doorways.

The latest figures come from the charity sending its workers on the street each night to look to help anyone they find with nowhere to go.

Outreach co-ordinator Victoria Collier said: “From what we are looking at it is hard to say if there has been an increase.

“But over the last month we have engaged with 25 people who were sleeping on the streets, which is quite a lot.

“We don’t know if it is down to the recession or the weather. During the winter months we often find people are sleeping on people’s sofas, and as it warms up people are found sleeping out more.

“But it is quite possible that we are now getting a more realistic picture than we have had before. It is much higher than we expected.”

Of those who have been found this month, some have said they usually stay in friends homes, some have recently been evicted, and some said they were trying to get into accommodation.”

M25 runs two hostels, Wharf House and Open House plus, which have 56 places. Each has one emergency bed, for people they find on the streets but not on a long-term basis.

Director Matthew Newman said the charity was launching its No Second Night helpline to offer assistance as quickly as possible to those who were needing help on 01302 558039.