Computer scam caller warning

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ALAN Wood’s computer had been running slow when he was phoned by a hi-tech conman who offered to scrub his hard drive - and nearly took him to the cleaners.

He was sick of his machine taking 10 minutes to boot up when he got a call from a man claiming to be from the ‘Windows Response Team’.

On his instruction Alan went to website and clicked ‘run’, whereupon the man took control of his computer.

The caller then asked for credit card details to pay an £89 fee, but when Alan asked which part of Microsoft he worked for, he hung up.

Alan, of Kirkdale Drive, Handsworth, called in Sheffield computer firm PC Premier and their expert found 290 viruses - half a dozen of them installed during that dodgy phone call.

Alan said: “My anti-virus program had been off for a while, hence the slow running, and this scammer rang me at just the right moment. It was a close call.”